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Project Post It Positive

Before you post or comment on social media, ask yourself "is it kind, is it true, is it necessary?"

Join the Post It Positive movement.

Use hashtags #postitpositive #postpositive #postwithapurpose

Let's create a positive world on social media.

Hi there! My name is Samantha and I'm glad you are here! 

I'm an Ohio girl. Born and raised in Cleveland. My faith, family and friends are important to me.

As the youngest of six, I have witnessed both the positive and negative impacts of social media on my siblings and friends.

I received my first phone in 8th grade. I firmly believe that while we are consuming social media, social media is really consuming us and our self-worth - if we aren't intentional.

I believe social media when used positively is a great thing. I also believe social media can negatively contribute to body dissatisfaction among teenage girls.

During my junior year of high school, I put my belief to the test. I conducted research on how social media affects how girls value themselves. I learned that by the age of 17, 78% of girls hate their bodies.

Upon confirmation that social media and comparison can negatively impact a young girl's self-worth, I decided to do something. I created Project Post It Positive to help show girls that they do not need to measure themselves by likes. I want to teach girls that their self-worth is not defined by "likes", to commit to only posting positive and that it is possible to live a very fulfilling life with limited time on social media!

It's true, many go on social media to feel better but end up comparing and feeling worse. Less time on social media can actually boost confidence and overall mood can increase. Social media is helpful to stay informed and connected yet it's important not to draw your self-worth from it.

 I challenge you to become a part of this #PostItPositive movement and to take my 7-Day Social Media Challenge!

Join My 7-Day Social Media Challenge!

I challenge you to stay off of all of your social media outlets for 7 days! When doing this challenge, I encourage you to journal once a day about how you are getting by without social media. Throughout the 7-days you will realize how much time is wasted in a day by being on your phone. You may also feel less anxious not seeing what others are doing and will be comparing yourself less. You will be living your authentic life. Without social media you have more free time to interact with family and friends in person and enjoy your favorite hobbies.


Contact Me

Let's connect. Email me about the 7-Day Social Media Challenge and/or using the #postitpositive hashtags. I love sharing resources! Starting September 2021, I'll be holding a live Zoom call each month to talk about a positive life on social media.

Contact me via email: [email protected] 

My Mission: Empower and encourage girls and young women to post positive on social media.

Have you measured the "success" of a post by how many likes you got? And took it down if you didn't get so many?

Have you ever posted with the intention of people commenting nice things to cheer you up?

Have you ever posted something negative on another's social media post?

We live in a visual and virtual world. It's important to know that many "create the lives" they want on social media instead of showcasing their authentic self. Others use "keyboard courage" to anonymously or not anonymously post hurtful comments. 

Post With A Positive Purpose

Our world is virtual and social media is here to stay. I want to educate young women on the dangers of social media in regards to self-esteem and comparison and encourage them to spend less time looking at a screen.

My goal is to teach young women how to love themselves so when they go on social media, it will not have a negative affect on how they value themselves. I believe in sharing how everyone has struggles and comparing is truly the thief of JOY.

When posting on social media I encourage you to post with a purpose. Thanking a sponsor or promoting a cause, are great reasons to post on social media. However, posting a picture to gain likes and/or followers are not necessary or kind. Posts should have a positive purpose. Use my hashtags #PostItPositive, #PostPositive and #PostWithAPurpose to encourage other social media users to post positive, meaningful and uplifting content and comments.

My Future Goals for

Project Post It Positive:

I plan to take my message to Middle Schools and High Schools to share with other young women and encourage them to #postitpositive.

I want Project It Positive to be a non-profit and raise funds to create Post It Positive toolkits to distribute when I speak AND send to those who take my 7-Day No Social Media Challenge and/or commit to #PostItPositive #PostPositive #PostWithAPurpose

"You are MORE than the likes on your page. Measure your self-worth from within not from the outside world. Together, we can post with purpose and create a positive chain reaction." - Samantha

Samantha Backus

#PostItPositive #PostPositive #PostWithAPurpose

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